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Songbird Instrument Fund & Donations  (link)

Some SMT instruments are lent out to patients/clients, some are damaged from client/patient use, some wear out, and some are donated to facilities in need. This fund is to procure, repair and replace SMT instruments used regularly in music therapy sessions in the local community. Donations are appreciated whether in the form of money or instruments themselves. Contact SMT directly to receive a list of instrument requests. If you'd like to make a donation to this fund, please click the link above or visit the contact page.

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Your Music Therapist

Intellectual Disabilities
Developmental Delay
Pervasive Developmental Disorders (ASD)
Behavioral/Emotional Disorders
Social/emotional skill development
Degenerative Disorders
Physical Rehabilitation
Mental Rehabilitation
Psychological Disorders
Substance Abuse/Addiction
Mood Disorders
Stress and Pain Management/Relaxation
Anger Management
Alzheimers/Dementia/Memory Care

Geriatric Wellness
Hospice/Palliative Care

​Supportive Oncology Services

NICU habilitation

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Adaptive Music lessons

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Please contact us for info on specific conditions/needs.


​​MusicTherapy Service Information

  • Music therapy services are provided by appointment only.  
  • Services may be provided individually or in groups.
  • Sessions may be held in a facility, school, in-home, or at the SMT studio.
  • Session duration:  30-60 minutes
  • Payment varies according to delivery method and duration.  Adaptive music lessons are set at a lower rate than music therapy sessions at Songbird MT. 
  • Contact us for your personalized quote or to schedule an appointment or evaluation.
  • See the News & Resources page for information on obtaining music therapy services through your local school district.

American Music Therapy Association
Central Texas  Music Therapy Association

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Treatment Areas

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Songbird Music Therapy provides a multidimensional client-centered approach to treat the whole person.  SMT believes every individual is a person first, regardless of condition or symptoms.  Engaging therapeutic experiences are provided to address multiple strengths and challenges determined by individual assessment.  Everyone has a response to music, it may not be the same response, but still a response. Therefore, music is a unique tool that can access multiple areas of the brain and psyche to promote activity and change accross all functional domains. Music, its properties, creativity, client participation, current research and treatment methods are used to promote overall rehabilitation/habilitation/wellness in individuals of all ages. Music  therapy treatment at SMT promotes improvement in function within the physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and communicative domains as well as balance, respite, healing, strength, and stability.  

Songbird Music Therapy implements and references cognitive-behavioral, neurological, psychological, and holistic/humanistic methods utilizing the appropriate treatment model according to the individual's assessed need and continually monitoring and adjusting as needed throughout the course of treatment. Treatment is client/person-centered.  Primary populations served include, but are not limited to; those with special needs, geriatric wellness + Memory Care (Alzheimer's and Dementia), those with psychological needs/disorders, bereavement, and maintenance of wellness in the general population.

Music Therapy  

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