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Songbird music therapy & Private Lessons ~ New Braunfels, TX

Songbird Studio

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​Songbird Studio includes instruction in voice, piano, guitar, and violin, as well as audition and performance techniques for the fine arts (including theater). Private lessons are for everyone ages 4-100!  Here at Songbird we focus on proficiency, performance, and fun.  All students are encouraged to perform at our recitals held in December and May.

Areas of Instruction





Bodhran (Irish Frame Drum)

Music Tutoring/Performance Tech
music theory, practice and performance techniques

Adaptive music lessons 
for those with special needs and physical disabilities, click here

Vocal Health Consulting/Presentations
guest speaker for corporate and inservice requirements 

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What students are saying...

"Erin is so fun... she makes me excited to practice and want to learn more."                                                                                     ~ Laura Margolin, 17, piano

"After only a few short months of instruction, Erin successfully broke my bad habits and took me to the level of professionalism I needed to record a great sounding album.  The best musical investment I've made yet!"                    ~ Val Link, 27, of king fisher, voice

"Ms. Erin always makes me laugh... I can read music now, and I'm already learning some new songs all by myself."                    ~Natalia Hernandez, 10, piano

"Erin knows exactly how to get the sound I want without hurting myself. Before working with her I blew my voice out almost every show... now that I'm using my voice correctly without sacrificing style, I'm on a role.  Lots of my regular fans have noticed and have complimented my new 'found' voice."                                                               ~Sasha Zoe, 26, Blues Mafia, T-bird & the Breaks, voice

"Ms. Erin is so awesome on the Bodhran.  She's a great teacher too.  I had heard of this drum and wanted to learn it but I didn't know where to find one or how to get started.  It is pretty hard to get comfortable with the tipper, but now that I can make good hits, I can start to change the pitch which is the really cool part."           ~Wesley Davenport, 14, bodhran


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